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Deine Unterschrift für die #Europawahl!

Wir benötigen 4.000 Unterschriften, um bei der Europawahl 2019 kandidieren zu können. Hilf‘ mit Deiner Unterschrift – für ein weltoffenes Europa in dem die Würde und die Freiheit jedes einzelnen Menschen geschätzt wird.

Isabel Wiest
Platz 3 Bundesliste
Neue Liberale – Die Sozialliberalen

Um bei der Europawahl antreten zu dürfen, benötigen wir bis acht Wochen vor der Wahl 4.000 Unterstützer-Unterschriften von deutschen, wahlberechtigten Staatsbürgern.
Diese Unterschriften müssen auf PAPIER erfolgen. Online ist die Unterschrift nicht möglich.

Deswegen bitte ich Dich um Deine Unterstützung!

1. Fülle das Formular für den Bundeswahlleiter unter folgendem Link online aus.


2. Unterschreibe es anschließend von Hand.

3. Schicke das ausgefüllte und unterschriebene Formular per Post an:

Neue Libe­rale – Die Sozialliberalen
Oldenburger Str. 6
10551 Berlin

Ich danke Dir für Deine Unterstützung!

Help our candidates, Isabel Wiest and Neue Liberale to win a seat in the European Parliament.

  • push forward to give citizens the final say in Europe – by letting the European Parliament propose, discuss and decide those issues that concern all Europeans.
  • demand respect for each persons individual identity, including her roots in different places and cultures. Human beings are colourful, not monochrome.
  • Create many new jobs by reducing the real obstacles to a career across borders.
  • improve life quality for millions of families by giving them more control over their time and their life. (For example via a right to work from home office, like in the Netherlands.)

If you care about our democracy, about the future of our children and the dignity of each and every person who lives in Europe:

Come and support me and Neue Liberale in our election campaign.


1. Do you even stand a chance?

In Germany there is no threshold in the 2019 European Parliament Election. 300.000 votes will win you a secure seat in the European Parliament. You can even get elected with much less votes: The “unclaimed” seats will become part of a “lottery” among the smaller parties. Martin Sonneborn got elected with just 180.000 votes, for example.

So, the answer is: Yes, there is a real chance that Neue Liberale will win a seat in the European Parliament and our candidates will be able to represent you.

2. Which political group would you join after a successful election?

Neue Liberale would aim to join ALDE Group. Guy Verhofstadt’s ideas about the future of Europe match our ideas very closely.

3. Why do you run?

At the moment it seems to us that many politicians have given up on the idea of improving our lives. They seemingly only care about feeding nostalgic feelings of disgruntled old men. The opportunities and needs of our youth are sacrificed for right “identity politics”.

We care about the future of our children. We want them to have all opportunities and benefits of our digital age. We want our political structures to fit the needs of the next generation in the world of 2034 – and not in 1934.

Many democratic politicians are fearful and cowardly and try to placate those old men with their narrow worldview and spiteful souls.

4. What are your main political goals?



  • We want to give a voice to all of us who are not “monochrome”, but real people with a million of influences that shape us. It’s about time that someone stands up and says “Enough!” to those who aim to gain votes by feeding us to populists.
  • We want to reduce the obstacles that you face to build a wonderful life. Technology has advanced to a point where it is hard to see the difference to actual magic. But our political structures are stuck in those of horse carriages. For example: Why would you need to rust away in traffic jam every morning – despite the fact that you could do your job much better in your own home, on your own time? The Netherlands have a right to work in home office. The employer must prove that this is not possible. Employees should have the freedom to work when and where it fits their personal habit – so that they themselves, their employer and society benefit.
  • We want to change working structures. Youth unemployment is still sky high in Southern Europe. At the same time Northern Europe needs millions of young professionals to replace retiring babyboomers. But again our structures have not catched up with reality. Only 1% of German companies hire in English for example – but at the same time 60% of companies see “lack of skilled labour” as the biggest threat to their organisation.
  • We want to introduce rules and support systems that allow Europeans to take any job, anywhere – as long as they are qualified. This means in the first place: You need to be able to start working in English and learn the local language “on the job” in a sufficient percentage of companies across all parts of Europe and different industries.

5. How can I help?

There is an endless list of ways. For a start: Please help us collect the 4.000 signatures neccessary to even run in the election. (We have time till December 2018).

Also: Invite 16-20 friends to your home to discuss Europe. Invite our candidates to join you and have a conversation. They are curious to hear about your ideas, your wishes and needs.